Wow! This Strom Thurmond Speech Isn’t So Bad If You Change The Subject To Unvaccinated Children!


January 25, 2015 - Universe

Strom Thurmond was a South Carolina Senator most famous doing everything he could to prolong segregation. He was one of the nastiest men to ever serve in congress. But here’s the crazy thing: some of his speeches are actually spot on. The only trick is you exchange “negroes” with “unvaccinated children.”

Like check this out. Senator Thurmond said “there weren’t enough troops in the army” to let “them into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our schools.” Sounds horrible, right? Well, sure, if ‘them’ means black people! But, if ‘them’ means unvaccinated children, Strom would actually have been fighting for sound public health policy.

Or here’s another one! Thurmond said about workplace integration, “Think about the situation which would exist when the annual office party is held or the union sponsors a dance.” When he said it, he was talking about black people and white people dancing together. That’s not a good reason to not let people have jobs! But if he was talking about how an unvaccinated child could infect and kill another child born with a poor immune system through the close contact of a school dance, ‘Ol Strom actually sounds like a compassionate and informed man.

This just goes to show that even the worst ideas can have their place when interpreted in a new way. Hey, anti-vaxers – there’s hope for you yet!