Woman Would Prefer World Where Playing Pokemon Is Regular Part Of Adult Life


March 13, 2016 - Local

According to sources, Pasadena resident Meredith Jacobs would prefer a reality in which adults regularly played Pokemon games and battled against each other.

“I just think it would be cool if it was normal during a business meeting or a first date to say, ‘So what Pokemon are you training right now?’” she told reporters.

“Or if after people got off work they would go battle for a few hours before going home,” she said.

Jacobs says her attempts to normalize Pokemon-playing among the adult community has been met with intrigue but skepticism.

“A lot of people like the idea of having a cultural rite of passage for when you get your first cartridge,” she said.

“But you’d be surprised how many adults out thereĀ are playing Yugioh,” she added.


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