Used Appliance Store Totem To Pure, Golden Era When Street Was Flush With Rundown Electronics Stores


February 13, 2016 - Local

Locals say that Jim’s Appliances on East Washington Blvd. is a testament to a pure, divine time when rundown shitty electronics stores ruled the┬ástreet.

“Jim’s is the last place left on the block you can buy a used toaster for $2.99,” said local resident Patricia Sharpe.

“Back in the old days, you could walk into Ralph’s, Bob’s, Craig’s, or Susie’s any time and find a similar toaster for a similar price,” she lamented.

Robert Jones, who has lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, says the golden age of the area has passed as the market for shitty used electronics and appliances has run dry.

“I guess nowadays people are interested in things like entertainment, restaurants, tax attorneys, Mickey’s Car Wash, and that weird watch store,” he said.

“Oh and none of us locals can afford to live here anymore. That’s pretty bad too,” he added.

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