Unclear Whether Local Barbershop Gentrified Or Not


March 25, 2016 - Local / Uncategorized

Reports from locals suggest it is unclear whether ‘Izzy’s Barbershop’ on El Molino Ave has been gentrified by wealthy hipsters or not.

“They have one of those spinning poles and those old-timey chairs…and everyone in the place was drinking. So I figured it was one of those new hipster barbershops,” said local Rebecca Green.

“But then I saw the owner of the place was a 78-year-old Italian man, so maybe he’s just collected this stuff?” she said.

“But then I saw he was wearing an Olivia Tremor Control sweatshirt. What the hell is going on here?”

Mario Bitelli, the owner of the store, provided no clarification on the status of the barbershop.

“A ‘hipster’? No, I wouldn’t call myself that,” he said.

“But do you know a hipster that would?” he asked with a wink.

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