Trump Supporter Realizes She’s A Racist Asshole


December 9, 2015 - Local

According to friends and family, local Trump supporter Henrietta Marta has realized she’s a paranoid racist asshole following Trump’s comments about preventing Muslims from entering the United States.

“He said that, and I looked around and saw everyone cheering. And then I cheered. And then I realized, ‘Oh wow, so I am pretty racist.” she said.

Marta says while people had called her racist in the past, she never considered it a real possibility until the candidate she supported for President uttered his objectively prejudiced sentiments.

“People used to tell me I’m racist all the time, and I used to brush them off,” she told The Pasadenoid.

“But I am realizing now that I really do dislike minorities… a lot. I am extremely prejudiced against all races other than my own,” she said.

“So if that makes me a ‘racist’, well, I guess that’s what I am,” she added.

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