Trump Mixes Up His Name With Clinton’s In Latest Campaign Gaffe


June 9, 2016 - Universe

In his latest embarrassing campaign goof, Donald Trump appeared to confuse his own name with Hillary Clinton’s during a speech in Grand Rapids, Iowa.

“Clinton, she’s been having success for years. She’s created jobs for millions of Americans and is the only one who can make this country great like it used to be,” he told the audience of 16,000.

“Now me on the other hand, I’m a crook. I’ve stolen from the US, the Russians, the Saudis, you name it. In fact, my friends call me ‘Crooked Donald,’” he said.

Trump continued the odd diatribe for nearly an hour as his audience scratched their heads in confusion.

“If Hillary becomes president, we’re going to be number one again. It’s going to be amazing. People will be writing about how she turned the country around for years,” he said.

“Folks, you can’t vote for me, Donald Trump. I will be an absolute disaster. If you thought things were bad under Obama, wait until you see life under President Trump. It’s going to be so corrupt and the working people of this country are going to be so sorry they made such a horrible mistake,” he added.

Finally, a campaign staffer approached Trump on the stage and informed him of the error. The candidate did not seem phased, simply shrugging then smiling and waving to the crowd as he exited the stage.

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