Top 6 Places In Pasadena To Realize You Should Have Finished Getting That Nursing Degree


April 11, 2015 - Local

6. Memorial Park

The reflective ambiance will allow you to fully process just how close you were to having a professional degree that would have offered opportunities regardless of whether you wanted to be a nurse or not.

5. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Seeing the pounds of fat, grease, and sugar will remind you of the difference in the world you could have made to so many unhealthy people if you just hadn’t gotten so caught up with your art toward the end of the last semester.

4. Arlington Garden

Meditate as you walk through the zen labyrinth to reach the ultimate conclusion that an acid tip and hippie boyfriend prevented you from proving to the world you could finally see one of your initiatives through to the end.

3. Dog Park

Seeing all the puppies running around so merrily will remind you of how proud your dog would have been if you had passed that last exam and earned the accreditation you put so much time into.

2. Pasadena Public Library

The coffee cart on the patio outside will provide you with ample energy so you can ponder your regret with mental acuity. 

1. Fox’s Cafe

The family-friendly ambiance will provide you comfort in knowing that regardless of your life screw-ups you’re going to be lonely anyway. 


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