Top 5 Things I Seen In The War


May 27, 2016 - Universe

By Hugh Jenkins, Pasadena

5. Good eats in Kananga

Great bready-rice dish in this town. Friendly folks will cook it fresh right in front of you. It was a welcome respite from the constant bloodshed and horror.

4. Crazy tree in Tshikapa

This thing was wild. Had these pointy arm things that looked like goddamn flying saucers. Never will forget that tree.

3. Bird eat another bird

Ever seen that before? I didn’t know birds did that.  War can wreak havoc on the mind. Perhaps the terror affects the birds too.

2. Earl shit in his pants in Bukavu

Had to make light of that considering how we were all dying and killing people.

1. Moon over Liksai River

Quite a sight. Makes you wonder if there maybe is a God among all this atrocity. Maybe he’s just watching over us all sad.

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