Top 5 Places In Pasadena To Reveal Your True Identity


September 29, 2015 - Local

5. Pasadena Central Library

The library’s narrow spaces will provide you a quiet corner to usher your associate to and whisper your shocking secret for the first time.

4. The Nuclear Plant

Pasadena’s plant features several suspended walkways and bridges, perfect locales for gripping your companion and shouting, “You must know the truth before it’s too late!”

3. Granny’s Pie Shop

You might not expect this family-owned pie shop to be a great place to reveal an identity, but they’re having an incredible deal on meat pies right now that is just too good to pass up.

2. City Hall

This iconic building has been featured in such films such as The Dictator and¬†A Walk To The Clouds, as well as the television series Parks and Recreation. So what, it’s not good enough for you?

1. Ice Caverns

The legendary Pasadena Ice Caverns are a perfectly “ice” place to get your “cool” secret out to the world. The news will creepily echo across the caverns and may even cause a rare collapse!

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