Top 5 Places In Pasadena To Meet An Arch-Nemesis


October 17, 2016 - Local

5. Tito’s Torteria 

In this dimly lit Mexicatessen, you’ll find a number of grizzled vagabonds and seafarers who are just waiting to find someone to duel with.

4. Barney’s Beanery

This place is filled with assholes.

3. Pasadena Church of Scientology

Why not have your nemesis be a Scientologist? An alien/religious component to your rivalry could really spice things up.

2. IHOP 

Another locale filled with morally questionable characters…help yourself to a few flapjacks before you meet the person who will throw you off a cliff in Montenegro during an epic sword fight.

1. The Ice House Comedy Club 

There’s no place like open mic night at the Ice House to find miserable and jaded folks who are looking to get into violent encounters. Try listening to Archie Jones’ set about race relations in LA without resisting the urge to punch him in the face.