Top 5 Places In Pasadena To Experience Back Spasms


November 12, 2015 - Local

Anyone who’s dealt with spontaneous back spasms knows how difficult they can be to manage, especially when out in public. That’s why we put together a list of the best places in Pasadena to go when you’re experiencing them:

5. Pacific-Asia Museum

You might not expect a museum to be on a list of great places to have back pain, but their new Han Dynasty film exhibit features a sublimely soft cushion to sit and ride out the pain until you’re ready to hit the Hall Of Korean Ceramics.

4. Huntington Memorial Hospital

If you’re going to muscle-spaz out, why not do it where you can receive immediate medical attention? Pro tip: if the ER line is too long, tell a paramedic you’re having a heart attack.

3. Eaton Canyon

Sure, the spasms suck, but the view is gorgeous!

2. A Beautiful Day Spa

There’s few better places to have irritating back spasms than this family-owned massage parlor. Let the underpaid masseuses work their magic, and soon you’ll be wondering why you don’t have spasms more often!

1. The Author Of This Article’s House

Due to said author’s chronic scoliosis, his house is the perfect locale for a good spaz! He is prepared for such an incident with three kinds of muscle-relaxants, an electronic massage chair, and a big fat joint. So kick back, light up, and watch those spasms gradually subside!

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