Top 5 Places In Pasadena To Change Cell Phone Carriers


February 7, 2016 - Local

5.  Your House

Why leave the comfort of your home just to make a few phone calls? Plus, any paperwork you might need for the transition is likely in your house. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best.

4. Cell Phone Tower On Rosemead Blvd.

Stand next to the tower so you can tell your current provider, “I’m standing next to a cell tower right now and I still have no bars. See ya!”

3. Avery’s Italian Restaurant

The ambiance is already terrible, so no one will likely mind that you are engaging in an obnoxiously loud conversation during dinner.

2. The Mall

The mall has a number of cell phone service providers, as well as a food court with free samples of  Kung Pao chicken.

1. Avery’s Italian Bistro

It’s a smaller deli attached the restaurant. Honestly, fuck Avery. She owes me over $2,000 and I know I am never getting it back. Her restaurants suck! Go to hell, Avery!

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