Top 5 Hottest Inmates At Pasadena City Jail


May 8, 2015 - Local

5. Dereck Glover


If this hunk isn’t out stealing farm equipment in Altadena, he’s out stealing young women’s hearts! If anyone can post the $6,000 bail he’s yours for the taking!

4. Willie Smalls


This hottie might just kill for the chance to have dinner with you! He’s booked for the 1997 murder of an elderly woman.

3. Wendy Samuels


Wendy isn’t bad with money, she’s downright evil! Her tax scam defrauded locals out of nearly $750,000.

2. Walter Matthews


He may have murdered multiple members of his ex’s family, but those eyes!

1. Elizabeth Spoon


Spoon is the sort of gentle beauty you can’t believe is behind bars…until you learn about how she placed ricin-filled envelopes at elementary schools across the state! Be careful opening love letters from her!