Top 4/20 Activities In Pasadena


April 20, 2016 - Local

10. Take the ‘Citrus Challenge’- smoke 5 grams out of a locally grown orange and manage the heartburn.

9. Come up with a great float idea for the Rose Parade and promptly forget it.

8. Steal an ounce from Old Smithy’s pot farm in Altadena without getting shot.

7. Fall asleep on the Gold Line, tour the brand new Azusa station in a haze.

6. Smoke a joint with the DEA agent who has been monitoring Old Smithy’s pot farm.

5. Fall off Echo Mountain, survive.

4. Team up with local actor Danny Pudi to convince City Hall officials you need to shoot some shots for a new documentary about marijuana in their nice courtyard. Then hit a bong with Danny Pudi in the courtyard.

3. Resist starting a wildfire.

2. Smoke 5 joints and catch the fabled Pasadena 420 Hare (a rabbit who appears once a year and can only be seen by stoners).

1. Get an invite to Eric Garcetti’s party, smoke one of these with him, make sure he follows up on his yearly promise to “legalize the dank.”