This 109-Year-Old Man Has The Most AMAZING Advice For A Long, Happy Life


March 25, 2015 - Universe

Meet Joe Kreiger. Born in 1906, you know, the 1906 when all this crazy stuff happened. Yeah, we weren’t alive back then either.

But this dude was. And he has the most INCREDIBLE advice for anyone who wants to achieve a long, healthy life:

“Fuckin jews and blacks. These people make me sick. Damn immigrants think they can come to this country and take my gold! 

If I was President of the United States I’d have the ugly kids who live next door shipped off to Korea like I was!

Eleanor Roosevelt stole my webbed feet! Eleanor Roosevelt stole my webbed feet! And someone tell that bitch wife of mine I’ve never been happier since the day she choked!

Wow! If we all appreciated life like this geezer the world would be a much better place, huh?