The Pasadenoid’s Top 5 Floats In This Year’s Rose Parade


January 3, 2017 - Local

5. Pasadena Plumber’s Union “A Salute To Nozzles” 

The Plumber’s Union went all out for this year’s float, which featured different kinds of nozzles from around the globe. Red ones, green ones, yes even curly little red ones. Who knew nozzles played such an important role in our lives?

4. Honda “Never Say Never” Re-education Float

This year’s entry from Honda was based on their motto, which inspires us never to give up (buying Hondas). The float featured a mache toddler saying “never”, being beaten with a metal rod by a Honda employee dressed like a nun. This float also won the “Most Interesting To The Subconscious” award.

3. Pasadena Fisherman’s Association “There’s No De-Bait”

The PFA embraced the Rose Parade’s mandate to use organic-only materials, utilizing thousands of dead worms, slugs, and shrimp carcasses to create their float. It was simply bad luck that they were placed next to the Animal Foundation’s “Gulls Of The Southwest” float.

2. AIDS Foundation  “Protection  Overload”

This year’s creative entry from the AIDS Foundation features a multi-colored tapestry made entirely of used condoms.

1. Pasadena Teacher’s Union “We Don’t Get Paid For This, Either” 

Our top award-winner goes to the Teacher’s Union, who sat on folding chairs with their arms crossed and made eye contact with every single member of the crowd at the parade. This float was crafted using 100% organic resentment.

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