The Pasadenoid Guide To Local Ballot Measures


November 6, 2016 - Local

Prop 46 – “Help Save Puppies” Act

Pros: Seems like it would help save puppies somehow?

Cons: The bill, apparently sponsored by billionaire Art Barton, is actually designed to require all new building permits to be sent to his office for approval first. There doesn’t seem to be anything about puppies in the bill.

The Pasadenoid says: NO. Fuck you, Art Barton.

Prop 72 – Allows residents to grow as many eggplants as they want

Pros: Would finally lift the archaic ban which was put in place during the 1876 Eggplant Surplus.

Cons: Resident Lisa Lurie is already growing 200 eggplants on her property. Do we really want to challenge her to do more?

The Pasadenoid says: YES. Reach for the stars, Lisa.

Prop 94- Would require Councilman Rick Davis to take a bath before coming to meetings.

Pros: Promotes good hygiene at city council meetings. Supporters say it would help ease the legislative process to make government more efficient.

Cons: Would increase city water usage. He is an extremely dirty man.

The Pasadenoid says: NO. We would say due to the drought, but honestly it’s to see the corrupt council continue to suffer through this man’s stench.