Editorial: Can’t A Guy Spend A Few Days In A Ravine Without His Family Calling Search And Rescue?

November 30, 2016

by Lloyd Hermann, South Pasadena Well, consarnit. Here we go again. The calvary has arrived! L.A. County Search And Rescue here to save the day and rescue me from this wonderfully comfortable ravine I have made my home in for the past few days. Thank goodness for these heroes! Fooey. Those damn kids of mine…

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Editorial: I Got My Dick Caught In A Snow Cone Machine. Where Are My Trigger Warnings?

April 8, 2015

by Art Groeber, South Pasadena Let’s talk about trigger warnings. I happen to think they’re an excellent idea. Why should someone have to relive a harrowing experience for no reason? PTSD is real. Trust me, I would know. So I think it’s great that victims are given a warning before they’re exposed to material that…

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