Man, It Sure Is Fun Pretending To Be All These Different Kinds Of People!

October 8, 2015

by God Whoopee! Well, I gotta tell you I’m having a blast today being God and being able to experience everything in the universe at once. Including experiencing what it’s like to be every person in the world. First I was this baker guy in France. I rode my bike to work, and baked a…

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Editorial: OUTRAGEOUS: 2000 Years Of Popes And Not A Single One Has Been A Black Woman Of Color

September 27, 2015

By Markus Greene, Pasadena Let me throw out some numbers for you: 262. 1,982. In the history of humanity there have been 262 different Popes spanning a period of 1,982 years. That’s almost 2,000 years of Popes. And not one… no, not a single one, has been a woman of color. Really Catholic Church? I’m…

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