City Council: Nothing Stopping Us From Erecting Statue Of Willem Dafoe

April 15, 2016

In a surprisingly candid moment, members of Pasadena’s City Council acknowledged that there was relatively nothing stopping them from erecting a statue of Willem Dafoe in the town’s Memorial Park. “Realistically, we could commission a $19,000 statue of Willem Dafoe to be put in the park, and no one would bat an eye,” said council-member…

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Council Outlaws Filling In Potholes On Mayor’s Street

November 25, 2014

Council unanimously passed an ordinance Tuesday evening that outlawed the fixing of holes in the asphault of Wimberly Lane where Mayor Robert Sanchez lives. Members insisted that the ordinance had nothing to do with the fact that Mayor Sanchez lives on Wimberly Lane. “The notion that we’re somehow using our council seats to fulfill a…

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