Editorial: To Win In November, Democrats Must Concentrate On Persuasion

June 1, 2018

By Staunch Liberal Thurbert Huxton Jones IV (Born 1822) The Republican is a brutish rural creature. Yes, it is true. He is unlearned in the science of chivalry and birth control. He takes weaponry as a false idol. He abhors the spirit of generosity toward strangers. He disdains knowledge, rejects the advancement of Man, and…

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Editorial: This Town Was Better When That One-Eyed Guy Worked At The Chevron

February 7, 2016

By Jake Samuels, Pasadena Dear Townspeople, I’ve been doing some thinking about the good ol’ days. Those times when the sky seemed just a little bit bluer. Folks were friendlier. When someone asked you for things like ‘Wifi passwords’ and ‘phone chargers’, you just looked at them perplexed and said “What the hell are you…

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