Editorial: John, I Think You Should Get That Rash Checked Out

May 20, 2017

by Lorenne Davis, Altadena Hey John! Listen. I know you’re reading this. You’ve been ignoring my calls (and I don’t blame you for that), so I had to write a letter in your favorite local humor magazine to get this message across: I think you really need to get that rash on your upper thigh…

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Editorial: The Health Department Needs To Step Aside And Let Lola’s Tacos Do What They Do Best

January 5, 2017

by Art Maddock, Pasadena Enough of this nonsense! The City Health Department has unleashed a scourge of terror against one of Pasadena’s most beloved institutions- Lola’s Tacos. It began with an unannounced inspection that yielded a ‘D’ rating from the department. It has now culminated with the mandatory closure of Lola’s for two weeks or…

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Editorial: Maybe The Reason We Have Zika Virus And All These Other Diseases Is Because You’re All So Disgusting

May 11, 2016

by Janice MacDonald, Pasadena Hey. I have a novel idea for you. Maybe the reason we have Zika virus and all these other diseases is because you’re all so fucking gross. Maybe we’re all so sick because of the way you eat with your hands and lick your lips and spit and sneeze all over…

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