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God: Actors Playing Family In Verizon Commercial Will Burn In Hell For Eternity

May 8, 2016

According to sources, a group of actors portraying a family in a Verizon commercial will be forced to live out their afterlife in the bowels of hell. “What have I done?!” asked Tommy Reynolds, who played a young tech-savvy son in the commercial before being sent to hell to suffer for eternity. “All I said…

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Man, It Sure Is Fun Pretending To Be All These Different Kinds Of People!

October 8, 2015

by God Whoopee! Well, I gotta tell you I’m having a blast today being God and being able to experience everything in the universe at once. Including experiencing what it’s like to be every person in the world. First I was this baker guy in France. I rode my bike to work, and baked a…

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