Discussion Between Two People To Determine If World Blows Up

September 25, 2016

According to reports, a discussion between two humans this evening will determine whether the species is destroyed in a nuclear explosion or continues to exist. “I am very excited to debate Hillary Clinton tonight,” said one of the humans, evidently unaware of the enormous ramifications that such a conversation could have. “It’s going to be…

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Editorial: I’m Not Delusional. They’re Delusional.

October 25, 2015

by U.S. Senator Jim Webb This is absurd. Impossible. It simply can’t be. I’m not the crazy one here. They’ve got it all wrong. They’re the crazy ones! How could anyone not believe I am the best candidate for President of the United States? I’m objectively perfect for the job. I’m strong, handsome, and experienced; and…

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