Editorial: Some Thoughts On Our Nation

September 22, 2017

by Ethan Schillinger, Pasadena Some people think America is on its last legs because it elected an egomaniac who is also racist and dumb. They think this is like when grandpas start babbling before we send them to the farm. That might be true but it might not be. America is 241 years old, but…

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Investigation: I Took Psychedelic Drugs And Joined ISIS To Teach My Dad Why Black Lives Matter

July 14, 2016

by Dean Winthrop, Investigative Reporter What’s up squares? I address you informally because I’m a modern investigative reporter, meaning I like to party and be mellow and unprofessional about my job. I don’t really research things or write stuff down or any of that stuff. Anyway, when my dad told me something about Black Lives…

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Just Checking That When Pot Is Legal In California You’ll Continue Using Sketchy Sammy’s Services?

May 5, 2016

By Sketchy Sammy, Altadena Hey man, listen. I’ve been hearing a lot about an initiative to legalize marijuana in California. That’s pretty dope and all, but I just wanted to check in and make sure you remember who has helped you out all these years. I know I probably shouldn’t be concerned, but with legalization…

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Editorial: Where Do I Get Some Of These Drugs The Kids Are On?

February 18, 2016

by Hubert Land, Pasadena Excuse me? Can you help out a clueless old geezer here? I need to find some good drugs…not the ones my shit doctor is shoving down my throat, I need some good strong drugs like the kids are using these days. Does anyone know a good hookup? I have all sorts of…

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drug-addict-150887_640 (1)

Review: Meth-addled Fever Dream

May 21, 2014

By Bert Jones, culture critic 2 Stars I don’t have a lot of meth-addled fever dreams these days. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I just don’t have the energy to go all the way to the movie theater, purchase a ticket, go to theater 7, and execute a quick drug deal with the…

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