Editorial: Things I’ve Learned While Drunk During This Dental Exam

March 18, 2016

by Clive Rufus, Altadena 6. I’m Just Going To Drool Everywhere You know what, they’re basically asking for it. Pokin’ me and proddin’ me all over my gums. Well if that’s they want, so be it. It’s about to flow like Niagara Falls in here. 5. Doctor’s Going On About Something What is he yakin’…

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Editorial: I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work, Knock Back Some Beers, And Go On A Violent Rampage

March 13, 2016

by Jessie Andrews, Pasadena Ah. 4:30 PM. Just another half hour and I can get out of this hellhole, run home, drink a¬†few beers, and go on a heinous violent rampage. I can’t wait! The rat race really has me down today. Arnold needed me to finish the expense reports before the afternoon meeting, while…

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