SPONSORED: Small Town Conquered By Outrageous Savings On Hair Products

Jer surrender

January 17, 2016 - Universe

According to recent reports*, the town of Chippewa, Wisconsin has been overtaken by incredible savings on hair products from Revlon.

Chippewa City Manager Dale Winters acknowledged in a press conference this morning that the town had succumbed to the invasion and would set up a new government under Revlon’s supervision.

“Today, Chippewa now belongs to the forces that be at Revlon,” Winters said.

“We were unable to defend ourselves against their deals on shampoos, conditioners, and other incredibly well-made and fashionable hair produces. Including their new Color Effects¬†line.

Resident Bert Warren says while he was originally disgusted by the change in leadership, he has come to see that life under Revlon will be far more stylish.

“I’ve lived in Chippewa my whole life. My great-grandparents built this town from the ground up. So I found it appalling that we would give in to such a ridiculous threat,” he said.

“But then I tried one of their new Colorsilk products, and my hair was so shiny and strong! At that moment I knew I would be happy to give my freedom over to the kind folks at Revlon.”

*Note: This non-factual advertisement is not news and was written by a robot.