SPONSORED: People Are Going CRAZY For This New Shampoo!


August 11, 2016 - Universe

Wow! People around the globe are going ABSOLUTELY NUTS for this new shampoo from Revlon! It’s called the Turbo Hair Materializer 6 and everyone is going crazy for it!

“AHHH! MY BRAIN! IT’S ROTTING MY BRAIN! AGHOGHDMNASTKG<SNSJ!” said Tracy Rogers of Hatsfield, Illinois after trying a free sample in one of our stores!

The new shampoo is made from all-natural* ingredients and is especially useful for those with dandruff, split ends, lice, or an undesirable amount of brain function.

“I…used to….talk….normal,” said Roger Darius of Hobart, Illinois.

Wow, what a review! And check out what Lisa Holloway of Samsberg, Missouri says:

“Hob dob before you job the hobgoblin!”

We sure will, thanks Lisa!

So order Revlon’s Turbo Hair Materializer 6 quickly before the FDA makes us take it off the shelves! We’re expecting a phone call any minute now! Any minute! We’re just staring at the phone…watching…waiting!

Woo! Hair! Let’s do some hair stuff with Revlon tonight! Alright!!!


*Everything that exists is technically ‘natural’, right?¬†

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