SPONSORED: Nation Joins Together In Unity To Demand Stylish Toothbrush That Won’t Stretch Their Budgets


May 24, 2015 - Uncategorized / Universe

According to sources*, the American public has finally joined hands in harmonious unity, passion, and love over the demand for a stylish toothbrush that doesn’t stretch their budget.

The revelation comes on the heels of increased concern over not looking and feeling fantastic and fresh after brushing.

“My life would be complete if I had a great toothbrush that was long-lasting and had nice bristles,” said regular American Jamie Worley in a town-hall meeting with the President of the United States, Robert Downey Jr. in his Iron Man costume, and Beyonce.

Reports also suggest the people have decided it isn’t important to them if their toothbrush isn’t fancy-dancy  ‘dentist-approved’, because they don’t need anyone telling them what to stick in their mouth every day.

But according to well-informed sources, a toothbrush may have recently entered the market to satisfy the demand and finally bring humanity to the stage of perfect beauty, pleasure, and accomplishment.

These sources confirmed to our newspaper* that this key to the end of war, hunger, and all strife is called the Pro-Glide Reach 6 by the Reckless Plastic Corporation. Experts say it will be on the shelves of major retailers in June.

Let us all bow our heads and thank all that is holy that this wonderful corporation has graced us with such a wonderful product. Thanks, Reckless Plastic!

*This not-factual article is an advertisement written by a robot.