SPONSORED: In Case You All Forgot About Beanie Babies We Made One Of That Lion Everyone Is Freaking Out About

Ty Inc BB Cecil

August 3, 2015 - Universe

Hello there American consumers!

We here at TY wanted to remind you that we are still a company that makes beanie babies! In fact, you can still buy new beanie babies at many retailers across the United States!

And as an extra special reminder, we have decided to make a new beanie baby named after that lion that everyone is flipping out about on Twitter.

What’s his name? Simba or something? I forget. But I’m sure you read the articles. This lion is a big deal and now he’s a beanie baby! Pretty cool, right?

We hope you can channel the emotions you are feeling about this lion issue or whatever it is and head on down to Toys R Us and buy the beanie baby for $24.99. We’re donating all the proceeds to some charity because the publicity is good enough.

Look at him. Isn’t he just adorable! (We like the lion right?)



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