SPONSORED: I Lost 70 Pounds In 20 MINUTES By Stuffing These Rare Berries In My Face

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February 26, 2016 - Culture

Folks, I* am just dying to tell you about a revolutionary new weight-loss tool that helped me lose 70 pounds in a matter of minutes. That’s right. SEVENTY POUNDS! I used to eat things like gluten, dairy, meat, fruit, and vegetables. I used to hate my body and feel shameful because I was so ugly. I used to look like this:


But then a friend told me about CHUKO BERRIES. Apparently one company has found a secret berry that helps people lose weight. I couldn’t believe the good news and just had to try it myself. So I bought the CHUKO BERRIES and stuffed a bunch in my face, just like the label recommended. Within minutes, the berries started working their magic. I couldn’t believe it! The weight just fell off! Now I look like this:


Thanks ENEGRY HEALING CORP for the great CHUKO BERRIES! My life hasn’t been the same since!   *Note: This non-factual advertisement was written by a robot.

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