Space: Asteroid Goes Whoosh! Zing! Kablam!


June 17, 2014 - Universe

Breaking news from outer space-

According to a team of astronomers and physicists, an asteroid has spun through a segment of the Andromeda galaxy and collided with a large fragment of a former moon, looking totally insane and making crazy noises in the process.

“Whizzzz! Zeeeew, zing!” went the asteroid as it soared past thousands of stars and other celestial bodies.

“Blerr….kerblam! Wham! Kapow! Shwwwwaaaaah!” it went as it struck the moon rock and detonated into millions of pieces.

Dr. Angela Cowtern at NASA says the incident was remarkable in its size and scope.

“You should’ve seen it! First it was all like, ‘shleeeeeeeeeeing’….and then it was like ‘Pow! Kerplow!!! Kapughghgh!” she said while putting her hands together and then rapidly expanding them to make an explosion gesture.

Cowtern says the collision will allow scientists a chance to study exactly what happens when an asteroid does some “crazy-ass shit.”

A NASA report on the incident is expected early next year.