Sony Completes Pre-Production of “Our Dear Leader”


December 18, 2014 - Culture

Representatives at Sony announced today that the company has completed pre-production of a new film based on the life of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Tentatively titled, ‘Our Dear Leader’, the film will reportedly follow the young dictator’s “glorious” rise to presiding over “the most successful and wealthy society in human history” according to the film’s official website.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, who in this reporter’s racist opinion could be North Korean himself because well look at a photo of the guy, spoke highly of the film’s potential in a press conference this afternoon.

“‘Our Dear Leader” is the story of a bold, courageous man whose country’s hacking capabilities are far beyond what we at Sony ever considered,” he said.

“We just hope the Dear Leader finds this film to be adequate. We really think he will like the scene where he descends from heaven and gets blessed by his grandfather, Jesus, and Abe Lincoln.”

“And if he decides to spare our company further losses and embarrassment, and especially deletes that one email I sent on April 4th at 4:26 am (he knows the one I’m talking about), well that’s a decision we at Sony would be happy to endorse. All hail the glorious King of Earth!”

Our Dear Leader is set to begin filming in January. Hirai said there has been no decision yet on the casting of Kim Jong Un, as they are waiting to hear back who he wants to play him.