So Trump Has Declared Himself Emperor. Does Anyone Really Care?


September 10, 2017 - Universe

By Hugh Lavishly, Monrovia

Here we go again. Trump is in the news for saying something “controversial.” This time he says he would prefer to be an emperor than a president. Of course the mainstream media has turned this into the next big controversy, claiming it spells gloom and doom for the concept of democracy in America. Right.

I have a different opinion. The economy is doing somewhat ok, so who cares?

Since Trump took office, the unemployment rate has gotten smaller. We’re seeing slightly more businesses hiring than in the past few years, and industries like for-profit prisons and military-industrial complexes have rebounded big time!

So who cares if Trump wants to call himself emperor? Who cares if he leads the country for the next 4, 8, or 20 years. The economy is doing marginally better (though it’s debatable)!

Now some will say there is an ethical dilemma here. I understand their concern. But think about the concerns of GM and Verizon. They need to make money, and Trump is not doing that much to stop them.

So to all the moralists out there, I have only one response:


We have two paths in front of us. One takes us down a road where we continue to be a democracy. The other leads us to some kind of authoritarian regime where it’s plausible the economy might improve a bit more.

The choice should be clear to all. You can put a price on values. It’s about .8% GDP growth.

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