Self-Described “Progressive” Shocked To Find Out Problems Jon Stewart Was Talking About Still Exist


September 24, 2015 - Universe

A local self-described “progressive” says he was recently shocked to discover that many of the problems Jon Stewart addressed during his tenure at the Daily Show are still ongoing and relevant.

“Wait, Republicans are still saying climate change doesn’t exist?” he asked.

“I could have sworn Jon covered this! In his usual hilarious way,” he said.

“They’re threatening another shutdown, what the hell? I specifically remember that episode. Jon ripped those guys apart!” he added.

Richards says he’s disappointed no one has taken action to address these harrowing political concerns.

“I kind of tuned out the last few years, spending 60 hours a week watching Netflix. And now I come back and see all of this has gone to shit?” he asked.

“As a fighter for the progressive movement, I’m sad to see no one is doing anything about this stuff. Maybe I’ll check out Colbert’s new show and see if it’s any good,” he said.

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