School Prankster Viewed In Different Light Following Knife Incident


July 8, 2015 - Local / Uncategorized

According to multiple sources, students at Garfield Elementary are forming new opinions of class clown Jimmy Fretters after he threatened a fellow student with a knife.

The incident reportedly occurred at the playground after school let out. Classmate Rebecca Koenig said she witnessed Fretters and another student pretending to be cowboys when he took out a knife from his pocket and waved it around.

“It seemed like Jimmy was only kidding around, but this is dangerous new territory for him,” she told reporters.

Classmate Cleo Williams says the incident has affected the way fellow students view the one-time heralded prankster.

“He’s been cracking us up since kindergarten. Who else would do a science fair presentation on farting?” he told The Pasadenoid.

“And he may have brought me the funniest moment of my life when he tricked Ms. Jackson into putting on a spaghetti-wig,” he added.

The school responded by suspending Fretters for one week. But Williams doesn’t believe it is too late for Jimmy to rebound from this misstep.

“I hope he learns from this. Jimmy has a lot of fans out there who would love to see him turn this into a positive message,” he said.