Romance Blog: 10 Things to Say to Your Lover in Bed to Make Them Think You Have Schizophrenia


July 18, 2014 - Culture

10. I think we should discuss revising our hypostates.

9. For seventeen years I dreaded the optimum warfare…SEVENTEEN YEARS I WAS STILL INTACT.

8. Remember the tale of ole Munson, who spent so much time swallowing interplays he was arrested for peeing in the cup.

7. Tell me, have you ever witnessed a node travelling in a uni-state?

6. People tell me I have schizophrenia but I know I am just quivering on a hairpin.

5. One day it will be revealed that I am the en-teenth messiah and then the lackeys will have their praise.

4. F04ty 1ne to nine, good lads ==&./….and oct0dogs.

3. Maybe we should take a break…no not you the person screaming in my right hemisphere.

2. I want to write a play about two people laughing but it’s revealed that they are crying backwards at the audience.

1. With intercorrelated lines we can remap the Timension diplex!


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