Review: My Interaction with William H. Macy at Walgreens


August 14, 2014 - Culture

by Bert Jones, culture critic

I have never been a huge fan of run-ins with celebrities at local establishments. Perhaps it is just my taste, but I find the experience to be mostly contrived and the humor too awkward to appreciate.

But nonetheless when I saw William H. Macy at the body care aisle at Walgreen’s on Green St. I tried to keep an open mind.

I think Macy is at his best in his more mundane roles, so the neighborhood drugstore milieu was working well for me. But while I thought the actor’s choice of extra strength anti-bacterial body soap raised intriguing questions (that sadly would never be answered), the prescription depression medication seemed a little over the top and not fitting his pleasant demeanor.

When I singled him out for the whole store to hear, his response was appallingly cliched- he waved weakly and then looked down. I couldn’t believe he was playing the stereotypical ‘celebrity being approached in public’ character. I find Macy usually adds some element of creativity to his roles but to say he was phoning this one in would be even too great a compliment for this shockingly lazy performance.

The end was only slightly intriguing. When I followed him outside and yelled at him for avoiding me he gave a slightly more impressive monologue in which he described how he would send vicious dogs to my house to kill me. That was a nice personal twist that fortunately I caught on video and will sell to TMZ for a cool $28,000.

But overall, Macy’s performance offered little to get excited about. If you can help it, I would recommend avoiding running into WIlliam H. Macy at this particular drugstore.

Rating: 2.6/10