Review: ‘Linda Vista High School’ Is Either A Brilliant Art Installation Or A Regular High School


October 12, 2015 - Culture

by Bert Jones, culture critic

This weekend I got lost on a walk and ended up on the ‘campus’ of ‘Linda Vista High School’ in Pasadena. What I saw there was either a brilliant commentary on modern American life or a public high school.

‘Linda Vista High School’ is incredibly detailed and immersive. There are hundreds of people acting as students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Not only are their actions and dialogue incredibly realistic, but they will actually interact with you if you go up and talk to them while staying in perfect character. How they manage to improvise like that is beyond me, unless of course they were just real people at a high school.

As I explored the grounds, I was struck by the scope of the project. In fact, the environment seemed so meticulously dense and well-crafted that it would likely rank among history’s greatest artistic achievements. It would probably be the single greatest piece of the last thousand years. I couldn’t believe I had just stumbled onto one of the great works of man (or a high school) on my morning walk.

The experience ended when I was confronted by faculty who wanted to know why I was wandering around the school making small talk with the students. One teacher seemed particularly perturbed while I was watching choir practice. I was escorted out of the building by administrators and security who also called the police.

I was then detained and interrogated by police for several hours.

Overall, I give this incredibly rich, emotional, complex, and inspiring art piece an A+, my highest rating to date. If it was indeed just a high school I will have to reevaluate the experience.

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