Review: ‘Buffet’ Is Not An Actual Buffet. Can We Stop This Madness Please?


March 28, 2016 - Culture / Uncategorized

At the new pop-up on Washington and Argo, you might expect a smorgasbord of options for a fixed price. You might think you can walk down lines and put food on your plate, then return to the bar to get more.

That’s because the name of the restaurant is ‘Buffet.’

But ‘Buffet’ is not your average buffet restaurant. In fact, it’s not a buffet at all. It’s a French-Vietnamese fusion bakery.

So I have to ask: Wtf guys?

I’ve now been to a taco stand called ‘Sushi’, a dumpling house called ‘Vegetable’, and a gluten-free salad restaurant called…wait for it….’Bread.’

Look, I get these hipsters love to be pithy. And with Hollywood jumping on board with shitty titles like ‘The Engagement’ and ‘Love’, it’s easy to understand why store-owners would try to capitalize on this trend.

But it’s one thing to be slightly misleading. It’s another to tell an outright lie in the name of your restaurant.

Here’s a simple rule I have developed to make sure your restaurant name is not complete bullshit:

If food ‘X’ is in the name of the restaurant, and ‘X’ is not served on the menu, then it must follow that the restaurant sucks.

So let’s get this shit together, ok? I don’t call this column ‘Horoscopes.’


Whew. God, I hate you people sometimes.

Score: 0.5/10 (the egg rolls were pretty good)


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