Report: Newly Discovered Coral Reef Already Destroyed


April 24, 2016 - Universe

Scientists announced today that a newly discovered enormous coral reef has been destroyed due to pollution.

The discovery comes less than a week after the 600-mile reef was discovered by researchers in the Amazon.

Officials broke the news at a press conference this afternoon. “Yes, it is true, the reef is completely gone. As well as all of the incredible new wildlife we discovered within it,” said lead researcher Darnell Jenson.

“Plastic water bottles. Wiped the whole damn thing out. And the water in the area is 60% plastic now,” he added.

Oceanographer Lisa Jones says the reef was destroyed at a record pace.

“I’m a monster!” she shouted while clutching a plastic water bottle above her head.

“I did this to the reef! God forgive me for my sins!” she cried while pouring the water on her head.

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