Report: Majority Of Pasadena Police Body Cam Video Just Shows Denny’s Menu


October 27, 2015 - Local

A report from the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation into the Pasadena Police Department’s conduct has been published today, revealing officers spend the majority of their workday looking at a Denny’s menu.

Investigators poured through thousands of hours of body cam video at Denny’s to make their determination.

“It’s clear based on our initial investigation that 97% of police work in Pasadena involves sitting at a table in Denny’s and trying to decide what to order,” said attorney Lillian Pharr.

“Through watching this footage, we have come to the conclusion that roast beef is a department favorite. We also know which servers work on which days of the week.” she added.

In a press conference, Pasadena Police Chief Lou Williams responded to the accusations of the justice department.

“This report is outrageous, and a complete waste of tax-payer money,” he said while biting into a custom-ordered Grand Slam.

“Our officers have better things to do than respond to silly investigations. They could be out in the field ordering any number of sandwiches, appetizers, or soup of the days,” he said.

“And since today is Wednesday the soup of the day is corn chowder,” he added.


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