Affair Not So Steamy In Execution


November 22, 2015 - Local

According to sources, an affair between two locals ended up being less steamy in execution than the parties originally believed it would be.

Darren Wells says he initially believed his affair with coworker Lindsey Arnold would be an exercise in passion and excitement.

“I thought we were headed toward scintillating texts, secret letters, and clandestine meetups,” he said.

“But I didn’t think about the little stuff like getting constipated at the motel, or drinking too much and not having a ride home.”

Linda reiterated Wells’ comments, saying the affair lacked the titillating intrigue of soap operas and pornography.

“At one point he was trying to take off his shirt, but it kept getting stuck to his back fat because he was so sweaty,” she said.

“Definitely not what I signed up for. It was an unexpected and upsetting part of the affair experience, ” she added.

Despite the  hiccups, Wells says he is not sure yet whether the experience will keep him from pursuing other affairs in the future.

“Well my marriage and life are completely ruined so I’m really not thinking about that right now,” he said.

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