Recipe: Weird Mayonnaise-Potato Thing With Burnt Vegetables


September 15, 2016 - Culture

by Linda Borne, Altadena

Sometimes when I’m having a dinner party with my young friends, I like to present a dish that’s full of hipstery-Sriracha goodness. This recipe for mayonnaise-potato thing with burnt vegetables is sure to be a hit in such a situation:

“Weird Mayonnaise-Potato Thing With Burnt Vegetables”

Serves 2-8, depending on how gluttonous guests are.


1/2 C of potatoes

1/4 C of expensive Whole Foods mayonnaise that’s exactly the same as Hellman’s

2 C of Shishito peppers

1 Stalk of some sort of inedible leaf or flower

1 Shit-ton of garlic

1 Assortment of random Indian spices you will never use again

8 C of Sriracha sauce

1 C of potatoes


Heat oil in pan over high heat. Add spices, peppers, and garlic. Cook for 3 hours.

While the vegetables are cooking, mash potato and mayonnaise together in a bowl.

After 3 hours, add Sriricha to the vegetables, making sure to use enough to cover the flavor of the other spices you used.

Place potato-mayonnaise thing on plate, then place blackened vegetables on top. Garnish with inedible stalk. Let dish cool for 3 hours, then serve.



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