Psychologists: Human Brain Was Not Designed To Handle This Many Emails


February 7, 2016 - Universe

Speaking at a press conference at the 2016 Global Psychology Summit, a panel of experts warned that the human mind was not designed to handle the massive number of emails most people encounter on a daily basis.

Dr. Lee Chopkra said multiple meta-analyses have proven that society has gone above the limit in the number of emails they expect people to be able to manage.

“We know for a fact that the maximum number of emails the human brain can properly deal with is 1,749,” he said.

“So anyone who is dealing with more than that number of emails in their inbox will face significant stress and anxiety,” he added.

Psychologists say other symptoms of having too many emails include restlessness, insomnia, lack of appetite, and uncontrollable rage/violence. However, Dr. Choprka says people can do a number of things to reduce the severity of symptoms.

“Taking a break from email is the best thing to do when you’re overwhelmed,” he said.

“Though, I guess if you take a break there will be even more when you get back. So maybe you should do the opposite and really stay on it. Ah shit I don’t know I have to go delete more emails!” he noted before running of the stage in a frenzy.

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