POP CULTURE BLOG: Sean Paul Says First Word


July 13, 2014 - Culture / Universe

BETHLEHEM, PA –Give it up to Sean Paul! Sources from the Paul household in Bethlehem, PA have reported that the 41-year-old recording artist has finally said his first word. A person close to the family told The Pasadenoid that Paul, who has not said a single word since his birth in 1973, finally spilled the beans at his 3,000 square-foot mansion in eastern Pennsylvania.

Nobody was mincing their words when it came to the Grammy award-winning artist’s first major accomplishment – LOL we’re just joking!

“We’re so proud of our Sean,” said a woman who identified herself as Paul’s mother.

“We tried everything – we bought him a toy microphone, a tape deck, and got him a multi-million dollar record deal with Atlantic. He plays with his toys nonstop but it’s never seemed to help. It took him a bit longer than some of the other children but I’m so glad he finally got it out”.

What was the first word Sean Paul ever said? Let’s put it this way…it’s not overtly clear from listening to any of his songs!

The chart-topping rapper was apparently “getting busy” playing outside with his tape recorder seven-month-old black lab when he stubbed his toe on a tree root and spewed out a series of sounds…one of which happened to be an English word.

That single went platinum in the U.K.

Paul’s father, Garth, told The Pasadenoid that his son’s first word was  “mama…or papa, or something. I’m not really sure, but I’ll take it”. How sentimental!

Insiders say that before long, they hope to see Sean correctly identify objects, put two words together and eventually string together a full, coherent sentence.

Remarked Sean’s mom, “My next hope is that Sean grows into those clothes we bought him. He’s due to hit his growth spurt any month now.”