Perfect Family Can’t Figure Out Why Everyone Else Has Dark, Worried Look In Depths of Gazes


July 19, 2015 - Local / Uncategorized

Gleefully going about their day, members of the impeccable Hernandez family admitted they could not contemplate why other people don’t share their innocent, light-hearted demeanor at all times.

“It seems like most people have these deep looks of concern behind their cheery smiles”, said mother Brittany Hernandez, who noted that her attempts to talk with friends about a range of topics from family to finances usually results in such expressions.

“It’s almost as if folks are worried or deeply unhappy on the inside,” she speculated.

Robert Hernandez says he owes his family’s well-being to hard work.

“I’ve learned in life that as long as you  give it your all, everything will turn out exactly as you want it to,” he said.

“So I can’t figure out why people would choose to live in poverty, have diseases, or not win multiple awards for good looks and talent.” he added.

At press time, sources say little Ralphie Hernandez was  asking his neighbor why his family is selling their house if they already have everything they need in life.