Editorial: The Pasadena Judicial Establishment Needs To Respect The Rights Of My Richest Clients

November 16, 2017

By Defense Attorney Sadie Mooston I’ve been a defense attorney in this town for twenty years. It’s a satisfying job to know that, each day, I get to protect the rights of and defend the accused. But it is frustrating working in a town with a schizophrenic judicial establishment and citizenry, which only respects the…

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Letter to the Editor: Why Does the Number of Days in Each Month Keep Changing?

November 12, 2017

by Clyde Johnson, Monrovia That’s it, I give up already! Just this morning my wife asked me if we could visit her parents in La Jolla at the end of next month. “What day is that?” I asked. She started to say something unhelpful, I’m sure, but I had had it up to here with…

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Editorial: Having Read A Few Sentences In The Wikipedia Article On Sexual Assault I Can No Longer Support Roy Moore

November 10, 2017

by Mike Lee, U.S. Senator from Utah My fellow Americans, I am horrified. Following the allegations against senate candidate Roy Moore, I decided it was time for me to do a little reading on sexual assault. I browsed the first few lines of the Wikipedia article on sexual assault and I did not like what…

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Editorial: I May Smell Like Chicken Salad But I Have A Right To My Opinion

November 4, 2017

by Bert Strong, Pasadena Come on now, people. This needs to come to an end. I am sick and tired of being bullied and criticized just because I smell like chicken salad. Yes, I eat chicken salad pretty often. So what? That means I don’t get to come to town hall meetings and express my opinion?…

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Due To Budget Cuts, Kids To Be Educated Using ‘The Facts Of Life’ DVDs

October 24, 2017

by Rod Spencer, School Board President Dear Townspeople, Over the last 6 years, I have worked hard on the Pasadena Unified School District board in order to ensure all of the children in our town receive a quality education. This has proven to be a very difficult task, especially when considering funding to our schools…

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Editorial: Mom! Dad! Can Stephen Spielberg Tuck Me In Tonight?

October 22, 2017

by Lee Smith, Altadena Mom! Dad! I want to go to bed! Can someone tuck me in right now?! No! Not mommy! No! Not daddy! I want Stephen Spielberg to tuck me in! Sorry, but I just sleep better when America’s most perfect filmmaker puts me to bed. I love you both, but you just…

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October 19, 2017

Police are on the lookout for a missing laptop after someone sto- never mind here it is.


Editorial: What We’re Really Missing Is Wayne Gretzky’s Take On These Cultural And Political Issues

October 1, 2017

by Jim Horace, Pasadena resident and longtime Rangers fan There are a lot of people speaking out on issues related to race, police brutality, and other important political issues. I think that’s great. But there’s one voice that so far has provided little to no commentary on these issues. One voice that is desperately needed to…

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