OUTRAGEOUS: In Your Face Headline Beats The Shit Out Of Your Brain


November 28, 2016 - Universe

In an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and SHOCKING maneuver by this magazine, we have decided to SCREAM AT YOU in order to get your attention so you’ll visit our website.

Yes, it is an act that SHOULD BE CRIMINAL. But it’s not. So here we are, YELLING IN YOUR FACE, battering your brain like a punching bag, making you FOCUS ON THINGS THAT ARE NOT IMPORTANT WHATSOEVER.

NOPE. Nothing useful or important going on here. Just screaming and yelling over the most banal shit you could possibly imagine. Do we care we’re wasting your brain’s valuable resources? NO. At least, IT WOULD APPEAR THAT WAY.

This article is LITERALLY ABOUT NOTHING. It’s a complete waste of space in the universe. Aren’t you so glad you visited our site? God, this was cruel. Damn you money. You’ll make us do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, WON’T YOU?

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