Opinion: Mormonism Is Downright Spooky, Even Compared To Scientology


May 7, 2015 - Universe

By Jeff Bagsworth, South Pasadena 

I recently watched an eye-opening documentary Going Clear about the abusive practices of the religious cult Scientology. While the revelations in Going Clear are shocking, they are nothing compared to a far-more widespread and heinous cult. The Church of Latter Day Saints.

The similarities between Mormonism and Scientology are astounding. Both were founded by a modern ‘prophet’ who was possibly insane. Both are centralized organizations that hold large sums of money and aggressively recruit new members.

Both have disturbing effects on the emotional, mental, and financial states of members.

However, there are some differences that should be highlighted as well. While Scientologists often end up in financial ruin, Mormons tend to live prosperously in Utah, one of the world’s most beautiful places. Moreover, Scientologists tend to face severe mental health issues as they burrow more deeply into the controlling organization. Mormons tend to become joyful as they discover the whole support of the Mormon community and completeness of God’s love.

Did I say disturbing and shocking? It’s disturbing how shockingly wonderful it is to discover the teachings of Joseph Smith!

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